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Everest Community Academy believes in fostering the skills and motivation that our students possess to be Future Ready. We are committed to ensuring that all our students are well equipped by the time they leave Everest for the next steps in their life. Learning at Everest enables our young people to have not only excellent academic outcomes, but also to confidently take up their place in the wider world. We strive to raise students’ aspirations and promote awareness of a wide range of career pathways, helping them to make well-informed choices about their future. Students will leave our school knowing that their time at Everest has given them the tools they need for the next stage in their life. This means excellent outcomes, strong values, a sense of their own worth and an aspiration to succeed, whatever form that takes.

Our Future Ready programme is delivered through the curriculum and as an individualized programme. Additionally, we work alongside the University of Winchester, Southern Universities Network, Basingstoke Consortium, University of Oxford and local businesses, who provide ongoing and personalised guidance and experiences to students in all year groups. Our aim as a school is to give our students the experiences they deserve in regards to careers,, universities and life skills. We are highly aspirational for our students and as a school, we talk about the “when” and not the “if”.

Click here to see Everest's Future Ready plan for year 7-11

Governors commit to ensure that all students leave Everest Community Academy excited by their prospects for the future, with many choices and options open to them.  Governors will support our students in many ways to ensure they are informed and prepared to seek, recognise and achieve outstanding opportunities.

Everest Governing Body

Measuring Impact

Our future Ready programme is based on the Gatsby Benchmarks as recommended in the DfE’s Careers Strategy (December 2017) and the Statutory Guidance for Careers (January 2018).

The 8 Benchmarks are:

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

University of Winchester  Uni of Winch

Everest is a partner with the University of Winchester’s Widening Participation Programme offering students a programme of study that encourages, inspires and supports students to consider their choices post 16. The collaboration with students begins in year 7 and continues throughout their time at Everest as well as supporting their transition to Key Stage 5 study and the wider world of work. We believe that being Future Ready is essential for our young people to successfully move into the world of work and/or study and to develop them to be hardworking, resilient and respectful citizens who not only have an excellent work ethic, but are also confident to challenge ideas and innovate. Everest is extremely proud of the partnership with the UWIN Aspire and Widening Participation Programme.

Basingstoke ConsortiumBasingstoke Consortium and EBP South Logo

Everest work closely with the Basingstoke Consortium an organisation that supports Everest in offering a variety of activities for the students as well as 1:1 careers advice with our excellent and highly experienced careers advisor, Chris Woods. Work experience is also offered to students to expand their knowledge and give them the opportunity to experience a place of work. The Consortium pride themselves on offering bespoke and engaging careers opportunities for the students at Everest.

We have also partnered with Enterprise M3 LEP and the Careers Enterprise Company, to work directly with an Enterprise Advisor, someone who works in business and offers the school support and opportunities for young people in the world of technology.

The Grange Festival  Grange

The Grange is a professional music venue in Alresford who have been working in collaboration with Everest's Performing Arts department to offer workshops and performance opportunities for our students. Students work alongside professional actors, singers, musicians, directors and set designers to gain first hand experience of working in a professional venue with a company. Everest is incredibly proud to work with The Grange.

The Grange Festival is delighted to be working with students from Everest Academy and their outstanding staff on our ambitious project ‘Monster in the Maze’.  This will be collaborative project giving the students a unique opportunity to work alongside a professional team, explore a contemporary interpretation of the myth of the Minotaur and perform on a world class stage.   We have no doubt that Everest students will enjoy the process, rise to the challenge and  have an unforgettable experience.

Working with you

We know that we have a huge wealth of experience in our parent body and local community who could offer to support our students into different career pathways.

If you are a business in the local area and would like to work with our school then please contact Elli Freed, our Careers Lead, on 01256 465 547.

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