Student Leadership

Student leadership is an important element to the success of Everest Community Academy. We are proud to introduce you to our year 11 student leadership team for this academic year:

Head Students

  • Daisy M and Ireti O

Deputy Head Students

  • Megan A 
  • Sam L


  • Geraldine K
  • Abbie H
  • Megan S
  • Jamie A
  • Eloise R
  • Tyson M
  • Ty M
  • Ella H
  • Keeley E
  • Amy F
  • Caitlin B
  • Olu O
  • Summer D
  • Lillie T

Our mission is to make our school a fun, safe and inclusive place for all students, somewhere to be proud to be a part of.

We are privileged to be a part of the Student Leadership Team for our school community here at Everest Community Academy. 

In order to obtain our roles, we had to attend an interview and propose our ideas on how we can help to make our school a place to be truly proud of.

We work alongside our amazing teachers to create a supportive, engaging and exciting environment and we work to ensure that student voice is used in a positive and meaningful way. Each member of our team is here to listen, to support and to liaise with both the Senior Leadership Team and teaching staff across the school community. We are here for you, for your education, and your well-being.



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