Vision & Values

Our Ethos and Aims

At Everest Community Academy, we aim to create a happy, safe, caring and inclusive learning environment for all. Promoting good choices amongst the children is a shared responsibility. All those who work with the school, governors, parents, the wider community and the children, all have a vital role to play in building positive relationships with each other. We expect everyone to respect others, their families, their culture and beliefs, as part of the high standards that we have in our school. 

We aim to: 

  • Develop positive relationships through a restorative approach, which promotes self-esteem, self-regulation and which establishes clear expectations of all members of the school community. 
  • Provide systems which promote positive choices and which supports all members of the school community.
  • Foster positive attitudes towards oneself and others which recognises and values achievements at all levels.
  • Encourage increasing independence and self-regulation so each child learns to accept responsibility for their own choices.
  • Make boundaries of acceptable choices clear and understand the relationship between actions and consequences.
  • Provide an interesting, well-planned curriculum that motivates children to learn alongside developing the social, emotional and relational skills. 
  • Implement mental health and trauma-informed approach to supporting children in our school. 
  • Create a sensitive and supportive atmosphere which allows all children to be happy and confident with each other and in their work.
Our Vision

Everest Community Academy will be the school of choice for students, parents, staff and employers.  An exciting and vibrant place to learn and work, it will provide our students with the opportunities, values and attitudes to succeed in life and their future careers.


Our Values

At our school we believe in the importance of relationships, ensuring children are valued, safe and secure, providing a sense of connection with members of staff and of belonging to the whole school community. The values which promote this are:

  • Ambition
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Responsibility
  • Belonging

We endeavour to make sure that at Everest Community Academy these values run through all school policies and practice.

Our Strategic Plan

To ensure our leaders are accountability for the improvement of the school a strategic plan is produced annually. The document is ratified by the local governing committee and regularly reviewed during the school year.


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