Academic Monitoring 

Student Reports
At Everest Community Academy we inform parents about their child’s progress at the end of each term. Our reports contain easy to interpret data for every subject:
Year 11
  • Target –  subject specific target for the end of the GSCE course
  • Predicted Level - what student will achieve at the end of the GCSE course taking into consideration target
  • Mock Result - current attainment based on outcome mock examinations in each subject
  • Learning Profile - based on attitude towards learning, A1 – I3
Years 10 – 7
  • Target – subject specific target for the end of each key stage
  • Current Level - attainment based on a series of assessments, standardised tests and consideration of target
  • Learning Profile - based on attitude towards learning, A1 – I3

Reports can be accessed via our online parent portal and to gain access to your child’s report you will need an email address which is registered with the school. At the end of each term you will receive an email inviting you to log in and access the progress report. If you are unable to provide an email address, please contact the school office for support.

There is an opportunity to discuss the report in more detail with relevant members of staff by contacting the school - we are always open to these conversations and parents are not expected to wait until parents' evening to have these important discussions! 

Parents Evenings

The working relationship between students, parent/carers and teachers is vital in ensuring the continued success for students over time. Parents' evenings are a great opportunity to visit the school, meet our teachers and leave feeling fully informed about the progress your child is making.

All parents’ evenings are held on Thursdays and take place in the school hall and library. Dates for the 2020-21 academic year are shown below:

  • Year 11               22nd October 2020 
  • Year 10               11th February 2021
  • Year 9                 3rd December 2020
  • Year 8                 6th May 2021       
  • Year 7                 17th June 2021

Please be aware that following the reopening of schools parents evenings will need to be held remotely. Your child's Head of Year will be in contact with further details.

Guide to Booking Parents Evening Appointments


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