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We are committed to equality of opportunity and ensuring that all students can thrive at Everest Community Academy. We have a designated SENCo and team of trained teaching assistants who work across the school and in a bespoke base in the heart of the school. We adhere to our published SEND policy and the Hampshire local offer which you can find here: 

We are guided by the following principles:

1. We work with students and parents and to improve outcomes for individuals, and strategically to ensure our operational arrangements and services delivery better reflects their needs.

2. Our offer has been developed in partnership with students with SEN or Disability and their parents, and education, health and care partners.

3. We ensure that there is a source of independent information, advice and support for parents, and students with SEN and disabilities, across education, health and care.

4. We comply with the 0-25 SEND Code of Practice to ensure that provision meets the requirements on teaching, curriculum and wider policies.

5. We engage with students with SEND and their families and put in place arrangements (or structures) on how we will regularly engage and discuss progress.

6. We monitor and track the progress and development of students with SEN and identify and deliver any training needed by staff.

7. We work with the LA in relation to delegated funding, joint commissioning, EHC plans and implications of personal budgets to ensure that our students receive the best support available.

8. We have suitable arrangements in place to support students with medical conditions.

9. We review students currently recorded as SEN K and put in place SEN support. This includes setting clear targets for progress, agreeing what support should be provided and track how it is working.

10. We support new students using our best endeavours including SEN Support, person centred approaches and working with families.

11. We record all those who need special educational provision in the school census.

12. We have effective partnerships with post-16 providers and adult services (including employment) to smooth transition between stages for those who require it.

13. We have a co-ordinated education health and care assessment process in place so that we can issue final EHC plans within a maximum of 20 weeks, where students need one.

If you require any additional information please contact the SEND lead using the form at bottom of this page or directly:

Mrs Jilly Razzell
01256 961330

To view our SEND policy, Information Report and other SEND related documents please click here. 

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