Black Lives Matter Statement

Posted on: 14/06/2020

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bourne Education Trust’s (‘BET’) core purpose is ‘Transforming schools … changing lives’. If we are to be true to this then one of our key principles, that every individual in our schools is equally important gathers added significance following the intense reflection, discussion and protests that have taken place in reaction to the death of George Floyd and the response from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Within BET we want to make sure we always stand up in support of all of our pupils and staff. As an organisation we are not overly vocal on social media channels. However, we realise that we have a duty to ensure that by not speaking out we are not sending a message that racism is tolerated, or that ignorance and prejudice are ever acceptable.

We are categorical that we will not tolerate any manifestation of racism and acknowledge the role that our schools can play in dismantling systemic racism. This may be through relentlessly reviewing our recruitment practices, our curriculum and systems and processes. We have made progress, but we also know that there is much still to do. We will listen to our community to drive change and to equip our staff and pupils better with the knowledge they need to understand and address complex social issues, and to be aware of and combat racism.

We will continue to embed equality and diversity across our teaching, but with increased vigour, and scrutinise our curriculum to ensure that it remains contemporary and challenging, informed by such events as the murder of George Floyd and other citizens within the BAME community and the impact of the Black Lives Matters movement. We welcome the views of members of our community, please contact us by emailing

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