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Our curriculum is underpinned by five strands:

1. Healthy Bodies: Through lessons such as PE, PSHE, Dance and our enrichment offer

2. Active Minds: Through the way we deliver our curriculum ensuring deep learning and critical thinking 

3. Creative Confidence: Through subjects such as Art, Design, Drama and working with a range of external partners 

4. Global Citizens: Through Humanities, English and the many projects offered to our students to connect with their community

5. Future Ready: Through our careers programme and work with universities, colleges, career advisors and employees

As part of these strands, we guarantee all students will have the opportunity to: 

  1. Visit a University
  2. Experience a theatrical production
  3. Use 50,000 words accurately
  4. Solve problems independently
  5. Take on active global citizen projects which make a difference
  6. Participate in a highly competitive live sporting event
  7. Create a beautiful canvas
  8. Attend lectures from diverse professional speakers to help you decide what you want to be
  9. Use technology to create new media
  10. Participate in a live performance
  11. Use state of the art science labs to sate your curiosity
  12. Confidently speak in a new language to hold your own with native speakers abroad or at home

Everest learning is supported by our EPIC student leadership team who are linked to the different curriculum strands and the Everest Learning Group. 

These highly skilled professionals offer a bespoke approach to learning and teaching designed to engage and accelerate the progress made by our students.  The current areas of focus are literacy, questioning in the classroom and differentiating tasks. Part of Everest Learning is our collaborative approach to the development of learning across the school.  Initiatives led and supported by our staff include the Everest Learning Team, teacher duos and the FIT working party. All of the staff involved are fully committed to the development of learning at Everest which will in turn lead to the continued and sustained improvement of our students’ academic progress.

For more information about Everest Learning please contact our Learning and Teaching lead, Shaun Murray: smurray@everestcommunityacademy.org

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