Why choose Everest?

  • We are the most improved school in Hampshire following the 2017-2018 GCSE results
  • Small class sizes, so more teacher time with each student
  • Every student known by name by all staff
  • Superb facilities - best in Basingstoke
  • All staff dedicated to school improvement
  • Highly experienced pastoral team
  • Access to network of subject experts and support through the Bourne Education Trust
  • Vastly experienced leadership team with an unblemished track record of rapid school improvement


Frequently asked questions


Do we set? When do we set? What subjects do we set in?

English, maths, science

Maths Y7, English Y7, Science Y7


How big is the school?



Will I get in?


Are you fully staffed?

470 students - we know all the students and ensure that no one slips through the net.


Yes, if you put us first choice; we have 150 places


Yes, with specialists in every area


How will I know my child is successful at school?


We ask teachers to report on their progress once every six weeks. If there are any issues, they are picked up here.  We report to parents termly. We encourage parents to work with us.


What were our results last year?




What is the Bourne Trust?



62% for English and 55% for mathematics. The exam results are included in the prospectus. This is a 10% improvement on last year and they will improve again next.


The Bourne Education Trust consists of 12 schools. We successfully provide school-to-school support to others that need our help.


What languages can you take? How many can you do for GCSE?


French, German, Spanish – everyone studies a language and you can do up to two at GCSE

Can you study the three sciences separately?


Yes, from Y9 if you enjoy science and do well at it

How many times a week will my child study a subject? 


We have a fortnightly timetable: En, Ma, Sc, La 6 hours a fortnight, PE 4 hours a fortnight. Other subjects in Y7 - RS, drama, dance, geography, history, art, technology, computing, PSHE is taught in tutor time and embedded in lessons


How much HW do you get?

An hour per week in English, maths, and science. Fortnightly for all other subjects. We aim for marking to be purposeful and to guide students on how to progress in the subject.



What is the EBacc?


A good grade in English, maths, science x 2, history or geography and a language. We make this available to every student


Is there bullying at Everest?

Bullying exists everywhere. We deal with it openly and fairly, with a restorative approach, and focus on teaching students other ways to behave. We have a strong support system and believe we have very little.


What is behaviour like?



What is the average class size?


Good with a real focus on Teaching and Learning, proactive intervention via the pastoral team to stop matters escalating; exclusions are rare.



What are the after-school activities on offer?

Sports,  performing arts, photography, science, and DofE. In addition to this, we offer a range of external trips and visits.


How much does the food cost?


£2.00  for a main meal and dessert or a drink currently

What is cashless catering?

Students put money into a machine and then pay at the till by having their finger digitally scanned.


What is our exam entry policy?

Terminal exams at the end of Y11



What trips and visits are on offer (particularly abroad)?

A range – sports fixtures,  trips to theatre, museums, other schools, colleges / universities, etc, day or residential field trips, exchanges, residential trips to France Germany, and Spain, skiing trips. This is just a selection.




Do siblings automatically go into the same house?


No – we try to separate students fairly across the house system.


When do students get to choose option subjects?

They start to think about options in the January of Y8. After a thorough process including assemblies, parents’ information evenings, one-to-one interviews, they finally choose towards the end of Y8 and begin their options in Y9


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