Vision & Strategy

''Success Is An Attitude''


Our Vision

Everest Community Academy will be the school of choice for students, parents, staff and employers.  An exciting and vibrant place to learn and work, it will provide our students with the opportunities, values and attitudes to succeed in life and their future careers.


Our Values

Our values underpin all we do and are central to delivering our main priority - the education and welfare of our students and community.


We unashamedly pursue success and provide an aspirational culture to support our students to realise their individual potential and show them what they can be.


We strive to provide life-enhancing opportunities to develop our students both within and outside of the classroom.


Our school is a caring and inclusive community school where all students feel welcome and safe to be themselves.


Our Strategy

To ensure that our activities deliver excellent outcomes for our students, we have defined four strategic areas.  These set out a clear framework within which we align our educational objectives and curriculum initiatives.  Our people, culture and values form the bedrock to deliver these objectives.

Quality of Education

Embed curiosity, high standards and academic ambition within our students through exceptional teaching, a challenging curriculum and Everest Learning.

Behaviour & Attitudes

Instil our students with an attitude for success complemented by exemplary behaviour to support every child’s ‘Right to Learn’ and enjoyment of education.

Personal Development

Empower students and staff to realise their individual potential, exceed expectations and seize opportunities for both themselves and their community.

Leadership & Management

Develop and manage the school’s strategy for the direct benefit of our students and staff, ensure effective governance for quality, value and safeguarding.


Our Strategic Plan

To ensure our leaders are accountability for the improvement of the school a strategic plan is produced annually. The document is ratified by the local governing committee and regularly reviewed during the school year.


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