The Everest Community Academy will be an inspiring learning community where 'Success is an Attitude' and ‘Making our Best Better’ characterises all staff and students. It will be the school of choice in the local area where every student is known and valued and achieves their maximum potential




We aim for great teaching, exceptional pupil achievement and exemplary behaviour
  • Our learning community will be inspiring - it will support aspirational students allowing all to achieve their full potential
  • Students will subscribe to the highest expectations of behaviour and achievement
  • Everyone will want to make their best better and not be afraid to learn from their mistakes
  • We believe in success for everyone - all will relish success, celebrate it and learn from each other


We aim to provide a safe, caring, inclusive and supportive environment in which all students feel a sense of belonging and in which all can take pride - where everyone is known and valued and respects and cares for themselves, others and the environment
  • We will instil the fundamental British values of democracy, mutual respect and a genuine understanding of the perspectives and experiences of others
  • We will create a nurturing community where our students are kind, respectful and tolerant of others and are encouraged to challenge themselves and support each other
  • Our community will help our students become mature, responsible, thoughtful and well-adjusted young people with a sense of self-respect and confidence
  • Our community will provide opportunities for collaboration between students, staff, families and carers, other local schools and the wider community to provide the best for our students  


We aim to give all our pupils the opportunity to maximise personal growth, self-esteem and expand horizons
  • We produce well rounded citizens through enrichment both inside and outside the classroom
  • We believe that spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our students should underpin everything we do
  • We provide an extensive programme of extra curricula activities and challenges


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