September Student Return Guide

Following the recent Government announcement regarding the easing of restriction and the proposed roadmap of recovery we have been instructed by the Department of Education to test all students before they return to school. Please read the details below carefully as they apply to specific year groups.

Thursday 2nd September

·         Year 7: Arrive at 8.30am. Students will be inducted into the school and tested during the course of the morning. Please wear full school uniform.

·         Year 8: Arrive at 8.30am. No uniform required

·         Year 9: Arrive at 9.45am. No uniform required

·         Year 10: Arrive at 12.30. No uniform required

·         Year 11: Arrive at 1.30. No uniform required

All students will be tested on arrival at school on Thursday 2nd September. Year 7 will remain on site for their first day with years 8, 9, 10, 11 returning home after their test. All students will be provided with a second test kit which will need to be taken at home between 3-5 days after their first test on 2nd September. Everyone has a social responsibly to take this test and notify the school if there is a positive result. In line with the Government guidance there is no longer a need to self isolate if students have been in contact with someone who has tested positive if their own test is negative. All students who are being tested need to have consent from parents. For years 8-11 consent given last academic year will continue and year 7 parents will receive this form in due course.

All students are expected to attend school for a normal school day in full uniform and with all necessary equipment on Friday 3rd September for a usual start time of no later than 8.30am.

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