Staying Safe In School

Following government guidance students will remain in year group bubbles during the school day. At the start and end of the day students will access the site via different entry and exit points. 

Please ensure students arrive on time at the stated entry point.

Year Group Bubble Location  Entry and Exit Point
7 Upper Green (Science) Main School Doors
8 Lower Orange (English) Service road on Don Allen Drive
9 Upper Orange (MFL) Community Centre Doors
10 Lower Blue (Maths) Bike Shed Gates
11 Upper Blue (Humanities) Bus Car Park Gates

All entry and exit points are clearly marked and students have a clear walkway to access their year group bubble.

When in school it is vital that students are clear on steps they can take to keep themselves and others safe. Below are five simple things students can do in school to keep everyone safe. 

  1. Stay in your bubble - students will be segregated in year group bubbles, they must not move between them.

  2. Wash your hands - it is vitally important to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, we will provide ample hand wash and sanitiser, it is important students use wash their hands regulalrly.
  3. Wear a mask - All students must carry a mask which should be worn in corridors and communal areas. It is students choice if they wish to wear them in classrooms and outside. All coverings must be carefully worn, stored and disposed of.
  4. Respect social distancing - although in year group bubbles students should still respect social distancing, the 2m rule applies in school particularly at break and lunch.
  5. Take symptoms seriously - If you are display signs of corona virus please do not come into school. You should self isolate at home for 10 days and if appropiate book a test. Contact the schools attendance officer to inform them of your concerns.


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