Home Learning

The Home Learning packs downloadable from this page are designed to keep students working until Friday 3rd April. Following the Easter holiday we will be providing more resources for students. Please continue to check this page over the coming weeks as it will be continually updated. If your child has completed the assigned work please contact their form tutor.

Please be aware that the home learning guides are not a direct replacement for being in school and accessing lessons, however it can be used to ensure that learning is still taking place.

In each guide you will find information on:

  • How to study and revise properly
  • The ‘Everest Curriculum’ including topic sequences for every subject and year group
  • The ‘Google Classroom’ this is our schools main online learning resource
  • Useful websites which will help to extend and further student knowledge
  • How and when to obtain teacher feedback
  • A guide to Pupil Progress Reports

Any general queries regarding home learning should be referred to your child’s head of year and/or form tutor. Everything else you need to be successful when studying at home is contained in this guide.

Good luck, enjoy and remember the importance of education.

Year 7-10 Home Learning Guide

Family Learning Activity - What is the Coronavirus?

Suggested Student Timetable for Home Learning

Daily Celebrity Online Lessons

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