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With the government asking the majority of students to stay at home it is unlikely that we will see a return to school for all until September.  It is vital that students get on board with a new way of learning and ensure they do not fall behind. To support students and families with home education we are launching Everest Online from June 1st.

Our aim is to provide students with daily interactive lessons, which follow a pre-set timetable. We hope that this approach will provide students with some familiar structure and routine but also support the constraints of family life.

The Everest Online package includes:

  • Interactive PowerPoints, which include voice commentary from your child’s teachers
  • Consistent structure to each lesson that makes it easier for parents to follow and support
  • A weekly timetable where lessons are sent at 8am each morning allowing flexibility for completion at home during the day
  • Assemblies for students to listen to and tutor activities that the whole family can enjoy
  • Home Learning Guides issued at the start of the summer term for those students who wish to work at their own pace
  • Offline work packs for those parents who struggle with internet access, please contact your child’s form tutor for more information.

Everest Online Timetable

Everest Online - Example of Year 10 Maths Lesson Everest Online - Example of Year 8 English Lesson

Everest Online - Example of Year 9 Science Lesson Year 7 Home Learning Guide - Summer Term

Year 8 Home Learning Guide - Summer Term

Year 9 Home Learning Guide - Summer Term

Year 10 Home Learning Guide - Summer Term

Years 7-10 Home Learning Reading List -Summer Term

Daily Online lessons from BBC Bitesize


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