High Flyers

We believe all of our students are talented and that our job is to find that talent, harness it and ensure they can fly high once they leave Everest.  We offer a wide range of programmes and opportunities to ensure all of our students are stretched and challenged all of the time.  The most important part of this is to ensure that all of our curriculum planning and lesson delivery challenges all of our students.
Our Principles are:
  • Classroom teaching must allow for high quality differentiation with appropriate and challenge for all

  • Student data from Primary Schools is critical in ensuring our curriculum is personalised
  • All students should be stretched regardless of their starting points - we never ‘dumb down’
  • High quality enrichment activities and opportunities to stretch the capabilities of all of our students including our higher ability group are invaluable
  • Higher ability learners are monitored as a distinct cohort in all year groups and their performance is tracked to ensure they are not ‘coasting’
  • As part of the tracking process there is an additional focus on disadvantaged students who are also high attaining students
  • All members of staff have a responsibility to support and stretch higher ability students across all subject areas, including the arts and sport
  • The mental wellbeing of all of our students is paramount and we must prepare young people carefully for the challenges of examinations and a challenging curriculum 
High Flyers Programme

All of the above culminates in Year 11 with the High Flyers Programme. This is a bespoke package for our higher attaining students which includes challenging L7+ students in after school sessions, drip feeding A-level skills into workshops and offering small group mentoring and target setting. Students involved in this process feel a sense of additional support from staff and feel equipped to tackle the rigours of GCSE examinations head on.  The programme is carefully monitored by the Senior Leadership team to ensure that attendance is high and that it is pitched at the highest level.

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