Curriculum Intent

The Everest curriculum is designed to ensure that there is no learning time wasted.  We run a two week timetable with five one hour lessons a day and offer a broad and balanced curriculum where there are no double lessons to ensure maximum pace and subjects are spread out over the two week period. All schemes of work are underpinned by Everest Learning which creates an aspirational high achievement culture to enable our students to make ambitious choices at 16. The curriculum reflects the culture and ethos which focuses on our core values; aspire, enrich, belong. We challenge stereotypes regarding what our students are capable of and empower learners to value education and believe that it is exciting.

Through Everest Learning, our curriculum supports:

  • Healthy Bodies where students are given the necessary tools to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Active Minds which are encouraged to be thoughtful and reflective with all challenges students may face.
  • Creative and Confident individuals who are passionate about the opportunities for them in the wider world.
  • Global Citizens who are responsible citizens and can make a positive contribution to society.
  • Future Ready students who enjoy learning, make good progress and thrive in life beyond Everest.

Students are set from year 7 in maths and taught in mixed ability in all other subjects.  All teachers personalise their lessons to meet the needs of the learners even when students are grouped by ability. This supports self-confidence and respect and allows everyone to experience success whilst guiding the spiritual, cultural and moral development of our students.

Key Stage Three

In years 7 and 8 students study English, maths and science alongside art, computing, dance, drama, food, geography, history, philosophy and ethics, physical education, technology and Spanish. 

During year 9, students are guided through the pathways process and are given bespoke guidance on which route best suites them.  Pathways vary between individuals, year groups and are dependent on the cohort.

Our key stage three curriculum is significantly challenging to ensure that students have been taught the necessary skills and knowledge to be equipped to move onto key stage four in year 10 with great success.

Key Stage Four

Students have two years to study their GCSE pathway which allows them to successfully cover the content and depth of knowledge required.  The compulsory subjects are: English, maths, science, (religious education and either BTEC sport or health and social care - current year 11 only).

The remainder of curriculum time is individual and personalised; students are allocated four option choices. This means that most students undertake ten GCSEs.  Pathway subjects are reviewed each year depending on the interest and ability of the year group and currently include: 3D design, business studies, computing, dance, drama, fine art, food, geography, health and social care, history, PE, religious studies, Spanish and technology.

For further information about our curriculum please contact Mr Messingham:

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