Student Leadership & EPIC

Student leadership is an important element to the success of Everest Community Academy. We are proud to introduce you to our year 11 student leadership team lead by


Head Boy                          Head Girl

Cameron Mothersole                           Mariam Cisse

Deputy Head Boy/Girl:

Jessica Pawson, Sebastian Jenkins, Ben Andrews, Ellyanah Brown
Lead ambassador: Jazmyne Van Der Walt

Subject Ambassadors:

Molly Roberts, Chelsea Dell, Eniola Osundina, Emily Plant, Bethany Needham, Amelia Tilbury, Oana Vasile, Ayomide Olumade , Sophie Carpenter, Zoe Watters, 
Chris Chambers.


The students have proudly represented the school at external events and welcomed visitors to the school, offering tours and presentations. Becoming a member of the student leadership team takes hard work and dedication which these students have in abundance. 



The Everest Pupils Inspirational Committee (EPIC) meet regularly to discuss new ideas which will enhance the school experience of all students. EPIC students frequently consult and work closely with members of staff to make decisions on important matters. One of the main initatives driven by EPIC is a student rewards system which celebrates hard work, punctuality, independance and resilience.


 EPIC students are a credit to the school and we value their input and are proud to have them working as part of the Everest community. 

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