Star Students

Mariam Cisse and Cameron Mothersole - Year 11

The head boy and girl are a vital part of the student body and have demonstrated excellent leadership skills to all students at Everest. They have a fantastic work ethic and are able to talk articulately to members of the public, governors and parents. During our Open Evening they both gave a speech about their experiences at Everest and the comments made by prospective parents were outstanding. We are very proud of both of them and are so pleased that they were both appointed as head boy and head girl.


Emily Bicknell - Year 10

Emily is an outstanding year 10 student; she is conscientious and hard working always displaying the perfect characteristics to be an outstanding learner. Her positive attitude around school makes her a popular and respected member of the whole school. Emily approaches her learning with a flawless work ethic evident with her being one of the highest performing students on Class Charts. This is an achievement only reached by superb dedication only highlighted further by her work in the community. She regularly volunteers to work in a charity shop for St Micheal's Hospice as part of her Silver Duke of Edinburgh award after already completing her Bronze at the Everest Academy. 


Madison Laye - Year 9

Madison is a true Ambassador for the school and her year group. A hardworking, conscientious and friendly student who accepts every challenge with a smile on her face and a grit of determination in her eye. A role model to many students and a very talented and creative performer, especially in dance.


Megan Humphreys and Madison North - Year 8

Megan and Madison undertook a ‘screen free’ day at home and school on Monday 11th of February, raising an incredible £113 for diabetes.  This is a challenge that they have taken on every year since junior school, each year raising a substantial amount of money. It is a credit to these young ladies who every year show determination and resilience to staff being ‘screen free’. At times this year they came into class, shielding their eyes so not to look at the interactive white board and sat facing the back of the room, both girls have shown a dedication to helping others.


Oliver Green - Year 7

Oliver has made a fantastic start at Everest, standing out as a diligent, conscientious and highly motivated pupil. Having already achieved over 150 positive points on Class Charts, Oliver has a love of learning, thoroughly enjoying extending his knowledge beyond the classroom. Oliver has a particular passion and flair for English and has recently written an article on what Year 7 at Everest is like which will soon be featuring in the February online issue of Popley Matters.


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