Basingstoke Gazette

Each week a small group of students write articles for the local paper. Our budding Year 10 journalists are Beth Fletcher, Courtney Little, Pryan Watson and Henry Welldon. A copy of each article is available to view via the links below.



Gazette Date  
14 Feb 19.pdf 14th Feb 2019 Download
7 Feb 19.pdf 07th Feb 2019 Download
31 Jan 19 pdf 31st Jan 2019 Download
28 Jan 19.pdf 28th Jan 2019 Download
22 Jan 19.pdf 22nd Jan 2019 Download
14 Dec 18.pdf 14th Dec 2018 Download
7 Dec 18.pdf 07th Dec 2018 Download
1 Dec 18.pdf 01st Dec 2018 Download
29 Nov 18.pdf 29th Nov 2018 Download
27 Nov 18.pdf 27th Nov 2018 Download
23 Nov 18.pdf 23rd Nov 2018 Download
16 Nov 18.pdf 16th Nov 2018 Download
15 Nov 18.pdf 15th Nov 2018 Download
10 Nov 18.pdf 10th Nov 2018 Download
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