Yellow Stars & Vivo Tokens

4th November 2014


I / Elaine have produced by popular demand yellow stars. Ways in which I have seen the yellow stars used in recent lessons:

  • Awarded to student in a trophy style format
  • Placed on a student’s desk who is making excellent  progress
  • Put up above a students work place to indicate they are an expert
  • Placed onto the white board and stars of the lesson written underneath

Elaine can also produce if you would like a set of laminated Vivo tokens. Ways in which I have seen Vivo tokens used

  • Given out during Fly-bys in lesson
  • Awarded to groups for excellent progress
  • Rewards in summary test
  • Rewards in spelling tests
  • Peer assessment (all students having a Vivo to awarded using the success criteria)

Please email me more examples for both Star of the lesson and Vivo Tokens!

Recognising achievement in lessons is key to creating an engaging, positive learning culture. The yellow stars and Vivo tokens are a non verbal sign of praise can be given throughout the lesson. These provide immediate feedback to reinforce / acknowledge. Praise given to an individual while addressing the whole class is great.  1:1 praise should also be given additionally to this, it is accepted more by the student when you have made a point of contact to them and addressed as an individual. Telling students why we have given the praise and how this will help them progress / achieve further is key to increasing the value of the praise.

Also remember our postcards which can be sent home, there is a box full of postcards in the staff room. Reception are very good at finding addresses if you put the child’s name and tutor group in the corner.

If you have any other examples of what, how and when you reward excellent learning progress in lessons please email so we can share our good practice throughout the Academy and AET.