Year 11 Resources

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Open Days Check here for college and university open days!
Which? University Search here to find your dream university or degree. Find information on how many UCAS points are needed and what you should study at college.
Apprenticeships Not sure if full-time college is right for you? An Apprenticeship allows you to become qualified whilst being paid! Search for Apprenticeships here.
Best Course 4 Me Find out where these College courses could lead you…
Do-it Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn new skills, meet new people and help others in need. Click here to search through millions of opportunities and apply online.
GOV.UK Job Search Search here if you’re interested to learn which jobs are out there or if you’re looking for a part-time job to fit around your college course.
Why Study…? If you’re unsure of what to study at college and are considering A-Levels, here is a breakdown of some of the most popular subjects available and how they could link to possible careers.
Employability Skills “What are Employability Skills and why do I need them?” Read here to learn more about what employers look for when recruiting a new member of staff, and how to make yourself stand out.
Facilitating Subjects Hugely important for those of you wanting to go onto University, particularly if you have your eye on the top Uni’s in the country! Read here to learn more about Facilitating Subjects.
Career Zones Look here for quick and simple guidance regarding careers and which subjects can help you get there.