Year 10 Resources

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Work Experience 2015 is from the 20th to the 24th of June.

Work Experience We highly recommend that you complete the Private Placement form in order to secure your WEx placement. However, if you’re stuck for ideas, log into our WEx database to see what’s available and apply online.
Buzz Quiz With The Buzz personality profile quiz, you’ll discover more about what makes you tick and what you’re naturally good at, all in just five minutes. Also find out which animal and Celebrities you’re most like.
National Careers Service The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential and impartial advice.
Bright Knowledge For essential information on Education, Careers and Student life.
Open Days College and university open days.
Plotr Explore this world of Careers and different job roles. Check out company profiles and make the most of these free resources.
Do-it Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn new skills, meet new people and help others in need. Click here to search through millions of opportunities and apply online.
Work Experience Ideas If you have no clue what to do for your Work Experience this article might help give you some ideas. Don’t forget to speak to Mrs Cowper if you are stuck or have any questions.
Employability Skills “What are Employability Skills and why do I need them?” Read here to learn more about what employers look for when recruiting a new member of staff, and how to make yourself stand out.
Vocational Qualifications If you’re not sure if college and exams are really for you, read here to learn more about the BTEC option.
Career Zones Look here for quick and simple guidance regarding careers and which subjects can help you get there.