4th November 2014

This frame is an excellent way for students to record and acknowledge their own learning and progress.

What do you already know?
What do you want to know?
What have you learnt?

K – Assess the knowledge they already have

Useful to the teacher as this can guide ESP, and ensure you plan for progress.

Useful to the student as they become engaged into their earning as they are aware that they are going to build upon previous knowledge.

Q – Questions students have

Useful to the teacher as they can plan to answer and develop students learning from the questions they have. The questions could dictate the lesson or unit, so learning is driven and personalised completely from them.  It can also indicate the students’ level of thinking and their ESP.

Useful to the students as it allows them to think about their learning, it then becomes personalised and purposeful to them.

L – Learning from the unit/lesson

Useful to the teacher as they can assess learning lesson by lesson. It can give a summary of the learning taken place and teacher can assess quality of detail and pick up on any learning not mentioned or missed. This can be done as an individual activity at the start or end of lesson or at the end of a unit .

Useful to students as they can recall  their own learning and recognise their own achievements and success. Students can also use to reflect on learning and corresponding level.