The Academy believes that homework is an integral part of the students learning and therefore it is as important as the learning that takes place in the lesson. Students will receive regular homework and will be provided with feedback in a timely manner. We believe that homework is so important that the expectation is that the homework will be completed to best of the students ability and handed in on time. Failure to do this will result in a detention with the classroom teacher to enable the teacher to help the student with this work.

The Senior Leadership team will be regularly monitoring the setting of homework, the quality of its completion, and the feedback provided to students.

Key Stage 3

One homework should be set weekly per curriculum area, with the exception of

  • PE – 0
  • Drama – 1 per fortnight
  • Music – 1 per fortnight
  • Art – 1 per fortnight
  • This task may take the form of an individual stand-alone piece of work or be a task from a homework project covering one half-term’s work
  • Tasks should be set to last approximately
  • 30 minutes for Year 7
  • 45 minutes for Year 8
  • 1 hour for Year 9

Key Stage 4

One homework task should be set per week per subject

  • Tasks should be set to last approximately 1 hour each
  • Homework is not required to be set for Core PE, Core Moral Studies and Core PSHCE. There are no other subject exceptions