Expectations of Students


Regular attendance by students is a major contribution to each student achieving academic success. At Everest Community Academy we expect students to attend except when ill or when there are other exceptional reasons which may prevent this. The Academy seeks the full support of parents in maintaining the highest level attendance of their child.

The Academy uses Lesson Monitor to record attendance at Registration before first lesson in the morning and after lunch break. Everest Community Academy also works closely with the Educational Service and has an Attendance Officer who is responsible for students’ attendance data. Student attendance is monitored by Tutors, Learning Managers, Intervention Workers and the Deputy Headteacher. Any student with attendance difficulties will be offered a programme of support.

Advice for Parents and Carers – Information on Penalty Notices for non-attendance at school


To report an absence please call 01256 337553.

In the case of a student who is unable to attend Academy, parents/carers are expected to inform the Academy daily of the reason for absence. If the Academy does not receive a call on the morning of the first day of absence, the parents/carers will be called by our Attendance Officer and informed that their child/children are not at the Academy. The parent can then leave a message or call the Academy directly to discuss why the student is absent. This allows the Academy to make contact with the parents/carers at an early stage when their child/children are absent and also helps to alert parents/carers to the fact that their child/children may have unexpectedly not turned up at the Academy. On the third day of absence the parents/carers will receive another call from the Attendance Officer if they have not informed the Academy of their child’s continuing absence. A written explanation is normally needed when a student returns. This is given to the tutor. Parents are kept informed of their child’s attendance through a termly letter that is sent home.

Behaviour & Discipline

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