Head of Music: Colette Carroll


In line with the general aim of the Everest Community Academy, the aim of the Music Department is to maximise student performance.
In addition to this main aim we strive to meet the following departmental objectives:

  • To raise standards of creativity through performance and composition.
  • To provide a rich, varied experience and to promote enjoyment of music through the curriculum we deliver.
  • To allow learners to develop personal skills in self-discipline and confidence and social skills such as communication and responsibility through solo and group work.
  • To allow learners to enhance their intellectual skills such as memory, co-ordination and concentration through a wide range of practical tasks.

Staff & Facilities

The Music Department at Everest Community Academy is located on the ground floor at the top end of the school. The Department has a specialist suite comprising a main teaching classroom, a recording studio, three practice rooms, and a separate steel pan room. Resources include class sets of keyboards, African percussion, Samba drums and Steel Pans as well as pianos, drum kits, various percussion, recording equipment and six iMacs, where various specialist programs can be used to aid composing. Classes also have the opportunity to use the adjacent E-Pod that is equipped with Apple Mac computers and Garageband software for arranging, composing and Music Technology.

KS4 Information

Students are given the option at the close of Year 9 to choose to continue their musical studies through the Edexcel GCSE Music course in Year 10 and 11. At Key Stage 4, students have five hours of teaching per fortnight. This course offers further opportunities to:

  • Develop performing skills (solo and ensemble);
  • Develop composition skills through a range of styles and forms;
  • Develop a wider appreciation of music through the study of 12 set-works ranging from Baroque to Pop/Rock.

This syllabus requires students to demonstrate competent performing and composing skills and culminates in an examination which tests students’ ability to listen and appraise a variety of different styles of music. Results in August 2013 saw 63% of students achieve a grade A-C.

KS3 Information

All students within Years 7, 8 and 9 follow an extensive Curriculum developed at Everest Community Academy which encompasses the National Standards Framework within the QCA Schemes of Work. The Curriculum demonstrates progression throughout the Key Stage in relation to key musical elements and includes units on song writing, the blues, Steel Pans, Samba, club dance composition, African drumming and keyboard skills. The Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to develop the skills of performing, composing, listening and appraising as well as encouraging students to develop skills essential in everyday life which also form part of their TRICS learning.

Extra Curricular

We operate an inclusive policy for musical tuition at Everest Community Academy.  Students pay £40 per term to have instrumental lessons which are subsidised by the School.  Peripatetic music lessons operate for an average of 30-33 weeks per academic year.  Lessons are currently offered on piano, keyboard, woodwind, strings, voice, guitar and drum kit. The Academy also invests in a weekly Steel Pan workshop for beginners and more advanced players and Pan Everest, our steel band, is often in demand to perform in the local community and surrounding areas. The Music Department has more recently started a choir which has performed in a number of concerts in school and is going from strength to strength. The Creative and Performing Arts Department also put on a number of shows throughout the school year to showcase the talents of the students who attend extra-curricular clubs.