Curriculum Leader: Sam Toohey

“Teaching and progress is improving as a result of changes”
Gulshan Kayembe, Resident Inspector

Students study topics across Number, Algebra, Geometry & Measures and Handling Data. They also develop problem solving skills to help them think logically, work collaboratively and reason numerically.

Vision Statement

Everest Maths Department’s vision is to make maths exciting,  relevant and easy.

Staff & Facilities

Facilities at the Academy are first class and lessons take place within a specialist classroom in the Mathematics area, classrooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard and laptop.

KS4 Information

Results last year in the Department were 58% A*-C. We are aiming to build on this and increase this year with a target of 65%. Students have access to online learning tools including past GCSE papers. For Year 11 the whole Academy has a period six targeted workshops to intervene and boost progress and achievement

KS3 Information

A focus on developing the curriculum to support real-life maths, functional skills and problem-solving skills development. Curriculum Area based on levelled assessments and participate in 6 or 8 lessons per fortnight. Students follow a spiralling curriculum to support them in building on their previous knowledge.