ICT and Business Studies



Curriculum Leader: Songul Adams

Computing (CIDA)

Everest offers the ICT option CIDA (Certificate in Digital Applications).

As well as delivering ICT through the curriculum, we have a full-time ICT teacher. ICT is a popular choice at KS4. It has many facets and pervades the whole curriculum. It is a highly motivating course and develops the knowledge and skills students need to be competent and informed ICT users and practitioners.

There is a dedicated ICT suite. In this room students are able to work on their own computers, which are equipped with laser and colour printers that allow the very best presentation of students’ work. Picture scanning, digital photography, email and internet facilities are also available.

Students can access the internet from all network stations in the ICT centre and all students have an email account set up for them. We have a virtual learning environment which allows students to access resources and course information from home via the internet.

We are committed to advancing the use of ICT: every classroom has an interactive whiteboard and every teacher has a laptop to aid teaching and learning in all subjects. Teachers’ email addresses are accessible from our website to allow you to contact tutors and subject teachers easily.

Business Studies (available from year 9 onwards)

We offer GCSE business studies in years 9, 10 and 11.

The business studies programme focuses on how organisations work, their management and the changing external environment in which they operate. We aim to help students develop a range of specific business concepts, theories and practical skills, as well as improved self-awareness and personal development appropriate for careers in business. Students also gain valuable lifelong learning skills, study skills and personal development.