Curriculum Leader: Colette Carroll

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas

It is every child’s right to be given an opportunity to express themselves creatively. Creative outlets can help unlock some of the major problems that children are facing at school such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence and confusion over identity. By helping to develop a sense of worth in children through the arts, creative activities not only stimulate learning but also promote a strong awareness of self and citizenship. Students should be provided with the chance to aspire to greater things.

Vision Statement

The Art and Design department has excellent teaching expectations and as teachers, we have the common goal that all students should feel excited and confident to express themselves fully in a creative way. We want all the students at Everest to grow as independent, strong learners with a passion for the Arts. All we ask is for students to be enthusiastic and arrive to each lesson with a ‘can do’ attitude.

With no right or wrong answer, Art can increase a student’s confidence and challenge them to think outside the box. They can express themselves and alternative skills in a totally different way to other subjects.

During key stages pupils are offered the following opportunities that are integral to their learning and enhance their engagement with the concepts, processes and content of Art and Design
The Art and Design curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to:
a. work independently and collaboratively, taking different roles in teams
b. explore areas that are new to them, including ideas, techniques and processes
c. work in, and across, the areas of fine art, craft and design, including both applied and fine art practices
d. engage with contemporary art, craft and design, working with creative individuals and in creative environments where possible
e. make links between art and design and other subjects and areas of the curriculum.
f. study of a range of artefacts from contemporary, historical, personal and cultural contexts

Staff & Facilities

The Art Department is housed on the top floor of a two-storey block. There are three classrooms and a kiln room which enables cay to be taught. There are 3 full-time staff and 1 technician.

Curriculum Leader for C&P: Ms Colette Carroll. Teaching KS3 Art & Design, and GCSE Art & Design
Art & Design: Ms Robyn Edwards. Teaching KS3, Art and Design Btec and Lead Teacher for Leisure and Tourism
Art & Design: Mr David John. Progress Leader for Year 7, Teaching KS3 and GCSE
Art & Design: Mrs Jane Buckley, Art Technician

KS4 Information


Unit 1a: Natural Forms
Unit 1b: Identity
(worth 60% of total marks given)

Unit 2: Art & Design GCSE Exam
(worth 40% of total marks given)

Extra Curricular Opportunities in KS4

Art club runs every Wednesday and Thursday from 3.00 – 4.15pm

KS3 Information

Within KS3 students study a broad range of topics and skills are encouraged to think creatively.

In year 7 students study:

  • Introduction to Art
  • Green Men/Gargoyles (Clay work)
  • Illuminated Letters
  • Pop Art Sweets

In year 8 students study:

  • Landscapes (felting)
  • Issues
  • Figure in Movement

In year 9 students study:

  • Portraiture
  • Body Art
  • Abstract
  • Identity

Assessment: What skills are assessed in KS3?

  • Creativity
  • Competence
  • Cultural understanding
  • Critical understanding
  • Adapting
  • Explore and create using a variety of art media
  • Independence
  • Understand and evaluate