At Everest Community Academy the learning of all students is central to the core curriculum. The curriculum overviews below provide an outline of the subjects and topics being taught to your child during this Academic Year. This is for your information so you can support your child in their learning. In some subjects there are optional topics, such as with English where the class and teacher select the texts to be studied, so students may not cover every single topic. We are also always seeking to update the curriculum to make sure it supports the pupils’ needs as fully as possible so this overview may be subject to alterations throughout the term.

Currently we are in the process of updating our curriculum in line with the New GCSE specifications, if you require further detail please contact the Academy directly.




Staff Email Address
Deputy Head Teacher Hannah Pearce
Assistant Head Teacher Shaun Murray
Assistant Head Teacher Sonya Wells
Assistant Head Teacher Oli Daniels
Head of Upper School Adam Rosser
Head of Lower School David John
Curriculum Leader Email Address
Creative Arts Robyn Edwards-Peal
Performing Arts Nicola Baker
English Claire White
Humanities Rosie Hughes-White
ICT & Business Studies Songul Adams
 Maths Jonathan Robinson
Modern Foreign Languages Magda Cummins
Physical Education Adam Rosser
Science Sarah Henderson