CPD Hubs

Thursday 16th October 2014

Code Topic Title
TS 1.1 Expectations Learning Cultures
TS 2.1  Promoting Good Progress  Problem-based Learning (PBL)
TS 3.1 Curriculum Development Personalised Learning Checklists
TS 4.1 Planning and Structure Quick planning for consistent good and outstanding lessons
HB1 Staff Health & WellBeing Sugar Craft

Thursday 20th November 2014

Code Topic Title
TS 5.1 Student Needs The Teenage Brain
TS 6.1 Assessment Formative Assessment Strategies
TS 7.1 Behaviour For Learning Growth Mindset
TS 8.1 Action Research Feedback
HB2 Staff Health & Wellbeing Badminton
SD1 Support Development Using Excel and Powerpoint

Thursday 22nd January 2015

Code Topic Title
TS 1.2 Expectations Supporting Everest Ethos – Expectations and Practice
TS 2.2 Promoting Good Progress Independent Learning
TS 3.2 Curriculum Development Securing excellence through the new curriculum
TS 4.2 Planning and Structure Independent Learning
HB3 Staff Health & Wellbeing Bowling
SD1 Support Development Accelerated Reader

Thursday 5th March 2015

Code Topic Title
TS 5.2 Students Needs The Teenage Brain
TS 6.2 Assessment Using 4Matrix
TS 7.2 Behaviour For Learning Motivation and Behaviour
TS 8.2 Action Research Primary Liaison
HB4 Staff Health & Wellbeing Yoga
SD1 Support Development Dealing With Difficult Parents

Thursday 21st May 2015

Code Topic Title
TS 1.3 Expectations Learning Cultures
TS 2.3 Promoting Good Progress Stretching the More Able
TS 3.3 Curriculum Development Interactive IT in the 21st Century Curriculum
TS 4.3 Planning and Structures Embedding SOLO and Blooms TRICS in lessons
HB5 Staff Health & Wellbeing A Physical Challenge
SD1 Support Development The Perfect TA

Thursday 25th June 2015

Code Topic Title
TS 5.3 Students Needs Positive Attitudes and Behaviour for Learning
TS 6.3 Assessment Formative and Summative Behaviour strategies for students
TS 7.3 Behaviour For Learning Good Practice Strategies
TS 8.3 Action Research Leadership Skills for New and aspiring Middle Leaders
HB6 Staff Health & Wellbeing Fire Building
SD1 Support Development Working With Students With Autism