Accelerated Reader

Developing Lifelong Learners Who Love to Read

Reading is critical to everything we do as active members of society. Reading is a skill and like many skills, requires a teacher to teach and a student to practice.

Everest Community Academy will be using the Accelerated Reader programme working with students and Years 7-10 across the ability range to get students excited about books. The programme will help us to focus attention on careful reading of books, which improves students’ critical thinking skills and builds an intrinsic love of reading.

Accelerated Reader provides three easy steps to continuously guide students to appropriate books within their zone of proximal development (ZPD) this helps teachers to give guidance on personalised reading instruction for individual students and helps staff to intervene with students who need extra support and guidance.

Accelerated Reader

Students reading skills are assessed using STAR Reader

Step 1: Students read a book at their ZPD level. All types of student reading are monitored, including guided, paired, literature-based and text book reading.

Step 2: Students take a comprehension quiz on the book they have read. Accelerated Reader offers more than 85,000 quizzes on library books, popular reading and textbooks. The quizzes provide assessment information to help motivate reading, monitor progress and target instruction to accelerate reading growth.

Step 3: Information is provided from the quizzes in easy to read reports on the reading level and comprehension skill of each student to guide instruction and help students select more reading material.

Students will be provided with the equivalent of 20 minute reading time everyday in the Academy. Students will also have access to the library at lunch time for extra reading time, and will be encouraged to take their reading books home to read in the evenings and at weekends.

The aim of this programme is to keep students challenged – using Accelerated Reader we can continuously guide students to appropriate books and curriculum within their ZPD. This means we can ensure that every student is challenged without being frustrated.

Here at Everest Community Academy we aim to make our Library Resource Centre the hub of reading excitement, supported by strategies to build a culture of reading throughout the Academy.

There is also an area to track your child’s progress, to see what books they have read and to find books that are available to quiz.