9th September 2014

22nd September 2014
Item Summary of Discussion Action
1 The new principal, Nick Price, outlined his vision for the school, including wanting it to be a school the community could be proud of. His priority is turning out decent people, which in turn involves not tolerating unacceptable behaviour and ensuring pupils are challenged in their learning.
2 The issue of communication from the school to parents was raised, with a request made for parents to have access to staff email addresses. It was noted that the website seemed to have been recently updated successfully. N Pr will look into ways to provide email addresses whilst maintaining security.
3 The question was asked why the students’ planners had to be so big, A4 size. As they have already been issued for this year it was decided to look at the issue again later in the year. K to to ensure this is raised at a later date
4 A question was asked about this year’s results as they were not as good as had been expected. It was explained to us that the English results were actually better than average but that the Maths results had been poorer. The school are addressing this issue by putting key teachers in with Maths classes this year.
5 We asked for clarification of the idea of a period 6 after normal school hours. This will be implemented in the coming weeks but will be at the invitation of a specific teacher, with each subject being allocated a different day.
6 The proposal for a sixth form was discussed and we were told that the school had not been given permission to open one, but that they are still hoping to provide some form of education for 16 -18 year olds at some time in the future.
7 It was mentioned that the school had a Facebook page that is not being used. N Pr to look into making more use of it.
8 Someone asked about the Vivos reward system and we were told this has now been discontinued.