25th February 2014

3rd March 2014
Item Summary of Discussion Action
1 Procedures to minimise the effect of disruptive behaviour of a few students on the education of others – A Williams explained that some of these students display this behaviour because of difficult circumstances outside of school. We do not accept this as an excuse but are mindful of the issues influencing this behaviour. The Academy has a number of strategies to support these students along with our high expectations. A Williams shared a draft proposal of the new school detention system. This was very well received by parents and felt that the immediacy of communication would be key. AWI will update the PEG about the implementation of the new detention system
2 How often is homework set and are their guidelines for teachers – A Williams shared the guidance on homework from the staff handbook. An issued raised regarding show my homework will be followed up by A Williams AWI will follow up parent issue
3 Is there a standard procedure of communication between the SEND department and parents – A Williams explained that the regularity of communication varied depending on the special educational needs of the student. The feedback from parents was that they would prefer more regular contact for students who are school action/school plus. AWI said there will be the opportunity to address this point at the forthcoming Parent Information Evening. AWI will communicate this to the Head of Department and SENCO. AWI will communicate points raised with SENCO
4 What can the school, PEG do about some parents who expressed some concerns via social media – the parents said they would welcome a discussion with any parents who had any particular concerns. Any concerns sent to the PEG group will be addressed
5 Final arrangements for the Parent Information Evening on Tuesday 11th March was discussed. Further communication will be sent to parents prior to the event. Letters and text messages will be sent to parents
6 AOB – A parent asked if the newsletter sent out at the end of term would specify what week (A or B) would follow the start of term. AWI will action this with ECO