24th February 2015

4th March 2015

Present: Nick Price, Charmaine Poulton, Tracey McCarley, Stuart McCarley, Anna Fennell, Kim Toumi, Sandra Golding, Emma Wheeler, Graham Rowlands, Tim Humphries

Item Summary of Discussion Action
1 Charmaine Poulton came to talk to us about Everest’s culture of learning.
We shared memories of our own education and opinions about our aspirations for our children.
We talked about the positive and negative elements of life in Everest for our children.
CP outlined Everest’s learning culture that encourages pupils to learn collaboratively towards a known aim.
She emphasised the importance of arming pupils with the tools to face different scenarios and developing perseverance
2 We ended the session with a team exercise, building structures that would hold a tennis ball using only spaghetti and marshmallows!
3 The next PEG meeting will be on Tue 24th April 6-7pm in the library, when Sam Toohey will be talking about the marking and feedback scheme used at Everest. NP to confirm with ST