24th April 2014

12th May 2014
Item Summary of Discussion Action
 1 A presentation was given by A Williams about the need for the academy to create an identity with a known vision and set of values for the school.
 2 We looked at mission statements the staff had come up with during a recent INSET day, as well as some visions of other schools.
 3 In small groups the parents worked together to draw up a poster depicting a mission statement for the school that we would want to see as parents.
 4 A Williams informed us that the academy would be repeating the same process with the pupils and then the three sets of posters (staff, parents and pupils) would be looked at and used to create a mission statement that encapsulated the main ideas expressed by all three groups. AWI will report back when it is done.
 5 The next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd June, when we will be discussing the upcoming Parent Information Evening. AWI to send reminder texts out and KT to email all on PEG list