100 Ideas For Secondary Teachers – Outstanding Lessons

27th November 2014

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers

Ross Morrison McGill
ISBN: 978-1472905307

@TeacherToolkit is where I first came across the 5 minute ___ plan; pause, pose, pounce, bounce and SOLO but if I’m honest, I was a little disappointed with this one. Perhaps it was the positive twitter traffic it has received which built up an unrealistic expectation but I only post-it noted 10 out of the 100 ideas to come back to and most of these were reminders of things like The 7eplan, F.A.I.L, and placing the focus on ‘learning’ over progress.

Maybe I’m being unfair, it is very easy to read, the layout was engaging and if there is an idea that you like, it is easy to see how to put this into practice.

I would recommend it, especially to teachers looking for fresh ideas or those new to the profession – after all those tweeters can’t be wrong, can they?

Rating: Three Stars

- P Sutton